First Aid 4 Souls – Dreambox EP


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Refusing to be tagged and locked into one specific music-style box, cult Hungarian artist István Gazdag surprised many with the recent release of the conceptual “Fire” album on which FIRST AID 4 SOULS revealed a much more melodic and orchestral composition approach compared to the previous harsh and dark EBM album “Keep This World Empty”. Based on the flood of positive feedback received about István Gazdag’s collaborations on these new songs with charismatic singers like ULTRANOIRE’s Josef Stapel, BLACK NAIL CABARET’s dark pop diva Emke or yet Vic Willow (and his poignant voice evoking David Bowie and Gary Numan) prove to have been fruitful and pretty judicious.

To the guaranteed pleasure of DJ’s and fans, FIRST AID 4 SOULS bring us one more surprise this year by offering a “Dreambox” full of lush alternative versions of the album’s two favorite songs that are “Das Messer” and “Dreambox”, giving to each an all new setting and atmosphere ranging from retro electro new wave versions to bombastic orchestral remakes, through darker zombie mix and a hypnotic flower power rework.

While enjoying writing club mixes for these two stunning pieces of darkwave pop music, István Gazdag could not resist the temptation of plunging a few more album songs (“Burn”, “Freedom” and the haunted “Ordinary Demonism”) into that exploding cocktail of EBM beats, upbeat electro sequences and floating synth layers for a delightful addition to this 14-track EP (most over 120 BPM up to 170 BPM)! Cherry on the cake, FIRST AID 4 SOULS close the release with the exclusive and previously unreleased harsh and tortured collaboration with Nick Sonick of WET LIPS on the aptly titled “Bring Back Armageddon”…

Open the “Dreambox” and enjoy this addictive electronic art for hearts & brains without moderation.


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