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Over the past 20 years we have observed the indie music world turning around us. We lived it day-to-day and experienced it from different angles: from the business side to the artist side. Prior to launching the label, our personnel have been active in the electronic music scene since the early 90’s, gaining experience in various companies and at different levels including artists & repertoire management, sale & logistics management, studio engineering & producing, music magazine publishing, website designing, music composing and even product marketing management. We’ve learned a lot from the mistakes and mismanagement in our pasts, and came to the conclusion that everything in the music life was nothing but a question of attitude and honesty. 

Raised from the intention to develop and defend a new concept in artist & label management and relations, a new record company was born in the summer of 2001. Alfa Matrix brought a new sense of virtue to an often unforgiving music industry by creating a “family cocoon” atmosphere that allows artists to feel comfortable in their pursuits to expand himself/herself in his/her work without restriction or compromise. It’s in mutual respect, trust and care that we and our artists launch our music: matrix alfa code. 

Alfa Matrix has become a trademark for innovative electronic music. We have proved to be open to various styles including power EBM, dark elektro, intelligent industrial, synth pop, electronica, trip hop, drum’n bass, etc. 

The Alfa Matrix constellation promotes intelligent and soulful music that is written with the heart. If you recognise this quality within yourself, please read our demo policy section on this website and contact us! We are always seeking new talent…


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