First Aid 4 Souls – Laudator Temporis Acti EP


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It is no longer surprising to see Hungarian artist István Gazdag exploring new sonic dimensions between the darker, harsher industrial albums of FIRST AID 4 SOULS, which he makes with Mortum.

With the aptly titled 7-track EP “Laudator Temporis Acti”, FA4S expands his sonic spectrum by openly and intentionally praising the sound from the past. By revisiting his electro goth roots our multi-talented artist wrote here what he describes as a tribute to the work of geniuses who laid the foundations of synth darkwave and to his personal heroes that are BAUHAUS and TONES ON TAIL. But he did not simply reproduce the sound of the past. He also captured fresher influences from the current boiling post-punk cold wave scene, with bands like SEXTILE, PARADOX OBSCURE, and others.

For this new concept, István Gazdag teamed up with long time friends who all have the very right voice tone and range to fit these 80’s New Wave inspired nostalgic songs! Starting of course with Vain Sacrosanct, the lead vocalist of Belgium’s cold electro act CAUSENATION, with whom he already released an album a few years ago (“Stainless Steel Eyes”). Other featured artists include cult industrial metal Canadian-Hungarian female vocalist Linda Daemon (KR3LL, BLACK MAMBA…) and UK noir pop singer Mark Duffield.

Upbeat, retro, dark and gloomy, this new EP plunges us back into the good old sound of the prolific Cold Wave era, where nostalgic, tearful atmospheres wrap around catchy synth lines, minimal basslines and driving beat patterns.