Demo Policy

Demo Submission to ALFA MATRIX
Below you will find some recommendations when you want to send us some music submissions:
1/ Does your music style fit our label repertoire music line?
Please only send us your demo if you are 100% sure that your music style fits our label repertoire.  Since 2001, Alfa Matrix has been releasing underground electronic based music. Although we support an open and eclectic repertoire, we mostly focus on the following genres: elektro, industrial, synth pop, gothic rock, electro rock, new wave…  So please avoid sending us experimental, ambient, jazz, black metal, reggae, etc.  Feel free to check our label compilations like the “Matrix Downloaded” series via our Bandcamp page for reference.
2/ Demo material – what should you send us?
The songs that you send us do not need to be fully mastered.  But please only send us songs that you consider to be complete/final (Do not send us instrumental demo’s if you plan to add vocals, nor short instrumental ideas for eg.).  Take the time you need to send us final recordings that you are fully satisfied with, especially with regard to the vocals!
Send us at least 5 songs that you consider to be the most representative of your work. If you are working on an album, feel free to send us the full album.
Please include some information about your band so that we can have a good view of who you are and what your future plans can be (focus on relevant information, biography, discography, concept of the album, live dates, etc.).  Also make sure that you give us links to your website, facebook page, video’s, etc.  Including links to visuals / band photos is definitely a plus. 
Always make sure that you clearly label the music you send us and add your contact information on all CD’s sent to us (email & band name clearly written on CD’s and not only on the letters & info sheets, also always title your songs with “BANDNAME – song title” for email/download submissions…). Be aware that we receive so many music submissions that music files or CD’s always risk being mixed up…
3/ How to best submit music to our label – what format?
We give listening priority to music submissions sent to us on physical format because it helps us to have a better view on your musical concept based on the included visuals, presentation style of your music submission, etc.   Please only send us AUDIO CDR music (avoid data files).

Send your music submission to:
Seba Dolimont (AM demo), 32 avenue Albert Jonnart, 1200 Brussels, Belgium

(ATTENTION: Do NOT send us your demo submissions via registered post – your package risks to simply be returned to you because we enjoy working at night in our HQ Office and the postman rarely finds us in the office during the daytime! And we really dislike wasting our time standing in queues at the post office to collect demo’s!!)
We also accept demo submissions via e-mail.  Send us a download link (or streaming) to Make sure that all info is gathered at one same place.  Make sure you send us a download link which will remain valid for a long time.  We sometimes need several weeks before we can check such links. Submissions with a broken link will directly be discarded.
Please note that we never return any submitted material back to the sender. 
4/ We reply per e-mail to all submissions
Be aware that we are receiving dozens of music submissions per week!  Although we definitely listen to all demo’s we get, it can sometimes take us several weeks until we can check your submissions. Once we have listened to your music, we will contact you per e-mail. Due to the volume of submissions that we get, please understand that it is impossible for us giving you detailed feedback about your submissions. Also always keep in mind that music is always a question of personal taste… And last but not least, the current music market situation and the existing size of our label roster does not permit us make a potential collaboration offer to every band that we find good.  Any potential new signing must also have something new and special to offer to our label family.