First Aid 4 Souls – Increased Sensory Perception EP


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Veteran Hungarian artist István Gazdag (ex-VACUUM) has been active on the avant-garde electronic / industrial scene since the late 80’s with numerous and quite diversified releases on various labels under his belt and some amazing remix work for legendary bands like COIL, SOFT CELL, TEST. DEPT., CABARET VOLTAIRE or yet EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN. In the last few years, he joined hands with US-based singer Mortum (HUMAN VAULT) who brought a darker dimension through his harsher vocals and darker lyrics to their now common project FIRST AID 4 SOULS.

Alfa Matrix is proud today to inaugurate the collaboration with this amazing and ever-evolving project with the 7-track EP “Increased Sensory Perception” which nicely shows how multifaceted FIRST AID 4 SOULS can be while remaining quite compact in sound production and following some invisible red line in their compositions.

And that’s exactly that unpredictable approach which makes FIRST AID 4 SOULS stand out as unique in their genre! They grab you by surprise and keep entertaining and challenging your ears and mind from the very first bleep till the last echoing noise burst of this EP! From the shimmering dark synth pop of “Cold Frozen Arts” to the mesmerizing industrial trance of “Dark Horizon” through icy mechanical EBM (“Mortal Birth”), percussive harsh industrial assaults (“Increased Sensory Perception”, “Phrase Fractal”) or even acid house dance on the dark and hypnotic “acid on steel” mix of “Mortal Birth”.

FA4S builds strong conceptual musical art with no compromise and in constant relation with intellectual sources of influence. It’s addictive electronic art for hearts & brains… And that’s no surprise that they got compared to such diverse bands as SKINNY PUPPY, LAIBACH, CLOCK DVA, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, X-MARKS THE PEDWALK and PROJECT PITCHFORK!

Open your senses and let FA4S take you on a both brutal and melodic reflective sonic journey.


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