First Aid 4 Souls – This Present Darkness (5 Album Remastered Collection + Bonus Tracks)


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“This Present Darkness” by FIRST AID 4 SOULS retraces some 9 years of heavy and fruitful collaboration between cult Hungarian electronic industrial artist István Gazdag and US-based singer Mortum (HUMAN VAULT). Welcome to the world of electronic dystopia and poetic entropy declined across 4 full length albums: “Trash Cathedral”, “Dark Tunnel”, “Keep This World Empty” and “I Am The Night” which can be considered as the heaviest and darkest side of FIRST AID 4 SOULS’ discography.

And this collection of work is definitely more than special in many ways. It first of all starts with the so far unreleased remix album “Your Social Skill Demised” that serves as perfect appetizer for what comes next: the 4 full length albums in fully re-edited & reconstructed (“rework”) versions and/or newly remastered audio packs with a bunch of previously unreleased bonus material to top it all! An uplifting refreshment audio treatment effort not only revealing how much technology still evolved the last decade but above all how Istvan’s mixing, production & mastering skills keep progressing and gaining in maturity with time.

Thanks to this 70-track release “This Present Darkness”, in its unity of content, in its arc, you can feel the conscious concept behind these 4 albums and how FIRST AID 4 SOULS enjoy challenging your senses with their overwhelming dystopian soundracks that please a quite eclectic avantgarde audience of electro / industrial music lovers who enjoy quite diverse bands in the likes of FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, COIL, LAIBACH or yet SKINNY PUPPY.