First Aid 4 Souls – Stainless Steel Eyes (feat. Vain Sacrosanct)


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Besides working together with Mortum on the next FIRST AID 4 SOULS harsh industrial album, Hungarian artist István Gazdag also enjoys experimenting with other artists and expanding his sonic spectrum through fruitful collaborations.

With “Stainless Steel Eyes”, he reveals another quite successful collaboration with Vain Sacrosanct, lead vocalist of Belgium’s cold electro act CAUSENATION. When both men met for the first time at a festival in Belgium where they both performed live, the click between both artists was instant and so natural that the release of an album together was nothing but a matter of time…

On this 12-track album, the duo celebrate without any limit their passion for vintage synths and the good old electro industrial sound from the 80’s in general, and you won’t be surprised hearing a mixture of eclectic influences going from Belgian cold EBM sounds to Canadian intricate industrial and a touch of coldwave to top it all… So if you are fan of legends in the likes of CABARET VOLTAIRE, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, NEW ORDER, FAD GADGET or yet VOMITO NEGRO, this new album comes highly recommended.

Cold, minimal but also powerful and upbeat, these new FIRST AID 4 SOUL songs take an addictive retrowave dimension thanks to catchy sequences and hypnotic melodies and the very characteristic dark and captivating voice of Belgian singer Vain Sacrosanct who evokes good old bands like DATA-BANK-A, ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL or yet COVENANT.

“Stainless Steel Eyes” guarantees you highly emotional music moments deeply rooted in the 80’s electro melancholic wave style (reaching highlights on the superb “Who’s Gonna Walk The Line”) with an edgy upbeat club compatibility.


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