First Aid 4 Souls feat. LD50 – Fire


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Veteran Hungarian artist István Gazdag joined the Alfa Matrix label family in 2019 for the release of the dark EBM album “Keep This World Empty” by FIRST AID 4 SOULS together with his partner in crime Mortum on vocals.

Very active in the avant-garde electronic / industrial scene since the late 80’s with numerous and quite diversified releases on various labels under his belt and some amazing remix work for legendary bands like COIL, SOFT CELL, TEST. DEPT., CABARET VOLTAIRE and EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, István Gazdag decided to pay homage to the Hungarian alternative music community by doing a collaboration effort with several key-protagonists from the electro industrial scene in Hungary.

Released under the flag “FIRST AID 4 SOULS feat. LD50” (named after the famous cult sub-culture community site where all the fans and artists in the country were acting together as guardians of the underground flame against the mainstream), this surprising 12-track album is the result of fruitful studio collaborations together with other Hungarian artists like BLACK NAIL CABARET’s dark pop diva Emke, ULTRANOIRE’s charismatic singer Josef Stapel, provocative artist Vic Willow (and his poignant voice evoking David Bowie and Gary Numan) or yet the writer/futurist cyborg pope Damage of PLANETDAMAGE.

“Fire” is a true expression of eclectic creativity, an explosion of emotions, a club-compatible set-list of melodic synthpop, dark electro and upbeat Electronic Body Music molded together into a unique and catchy release plunging us in a bath of 80’s tainted moody electro wave with a dancefloor edge and noir melancholic vocals. This is an experimental collaboration between many artists, but also a quite coherent album as such, for an ultimate avant-garde electro pop experience.

This album shows us how a collaborative spark bursts into a “Fire”, the flames of which can show a way out from darkness… Addictive electronic art for hearts & brains.


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