Suicidal Romance – Runaways EP


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Our favourite Estonian artist Dmitry Darling (frontman of FREAKANGEL and MATTHEW CREED) is also the mastermind behind the cult dark pop project SUICIDAL ROMANCE he created together with female vocalist Viktoria Seimar.

“Runaways” is the upcoming single from the new era of SUICIDAL ROMANCE! Destructive emotions have never been so sweet than with this new catchy darkish song and its poignant and highly emotional vocals. “Not everyone can learn from the mistakes of the past and not everyone can find peace in what was broken”… SUICIDAL ROMANCE remind us that everyone can grow and become even stronger from a failure if we learn to turn the page and run away without questioning ourselves again and again.

Melancholic and dreamy, melodic and edgy, “Runaways”’ also got reinterpreted for the occasion by four label mates with AIBOFORCEN turning it into a dark elektro anthem while NEUROACTIVE reinforced the synth pop feel of this addictive song. REICHSFEIND brought it onto the techno pop dancefloor and 808 DOT POP plunged it into a minimal dub vintage bath…

A true pearl that marks a strong comeback for SUICIDAL ROMANCE and will please all fans of BLUTENGEL, L’AME IMMORTELLE, IN STRICT CONFIDENCE, CHANDEEN, DIORAMA, FROZEN PLASMA, etc.


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