Freakangel – The Show Of Violence (Live)


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Recorded during FREAKANGEL’s extended “The Ones To Fall” tour last winter, this aptly titled “The Show Of Violence” live album immortalizes the band’s sonic fury and performance rage on stage over the last 5 years… Since its creation in late 2009, the Estonian electronic-industrial-metal band FREAKANGEL has been playing extensively across Europe (Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK, etc.) including highly praised shows at renown festivals like Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Dark Munich Festival, Essen Original, Summer Darkness, Castle Party, Resistanz, Lumous, Findusry, Hard Rock Laager…; and shared stage with bands like KMFDM, COMBICHRIST, SYBREED and many more…

With 3 albums under their belt (plus multiple EP releases), FREAKANGEL is closing the loop before returning at full force with a next full length studio album in 2016.  “The Show Of Violence” gives us the opportunity to rediscover the band’s discography in alternative powerful ass-kicking “live” versions, reminding us how much FREAKANGEL’s sound has grown in maturity between their debut album and their most recent release (from “My Darling Bullet” to “The Book Of Violence”. Emerging from the dark elektro crowds with their innovative songwriting approach, it’s on the “The Ones To Fall” album that FREAKANGEL reached their perfect stylistic symbiosis where guitar sounds and metal industrial elements infiltrate their modern bleeps, leading revolting synth arrangements, pounding manic electro beats, harsh powerful male vocals and manipulated female voices morphed into melodic choruses.

But throughout their discography, FREAKANGEL also forged its unique identity of a band-sound that disturbs the listener through the destructive emotional outbursts of their charismatic frontman Dmitry Darling led by extreme, heavy, dark and dirty sound arrangements. An amazing sound-evolution which brought FREAKANGEL the most eclectic comparisons with artists like MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, COMBICHRIST, PRODIGY, MINISTRY, FEAR FACTORY, MARYLIN MANSON or yet FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY… No surprise that FREAKANGEL have the chance to count in their ever-growing fanbase army, true dark elektro EBM soldiers, aggro industrial stompers and other headbanging dark metal / hardrock fans!

This concert at the Rockstar’s Club in the band’s very own city Tallinn – Estonia, was also filmed using 5 different cameras and will be revealed on internet channels soon for a full visual aggressive and detonating experience… Please keep sensible souls away from these poisonous sounds: FREAKANGEL stands for the soundtrack to the ultimate forces of destruction within a tortured human heart.  The end is only the beginning…


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