Studio-X – Here To Stay EP


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“Industrial music is here to stay” and so are STUDIO-X! With their new 6-track EP your favourite Australian techno industrial producer signs another classic club hit reminiscent of the band’s early days: a minimal track with a big kick drum, catchy computerised vocal samples and some dark industrial effects. Less is definitely more! “Butene Machines” follows the same dancefloor approach with a sci-fi futuristic flavour and a more classic verse/chorus song structure with vocals.

Up next is a more dark elektro oriented hard-hitting EBM track with harsh vocals featuring another forceful collaboration with his partner in crime Gerry of AVARICE IN AUDIO. It’s then up to Bridgette (who contributed to STUDIO-X’s previous “Wrong” album) to take the lead on the punchy “Terror Bull”, a highly addictive cocktail of EDM, deep bass and rave noise. While “New Blood” evokes the more aggressive industrial cuts with a drum & bass edge that Lawrie B. is used to do together with his friend SIMON CARTER. Icing on the cake, STUDIO-X loop the loop with the “VIP mix” of the title song to complete this new stunning EP in beauty with an even more pumping and faster melodic version of this new industrial dance anthem!

STUDIO-X is here to stay and we are here to rave!


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