Studio-X vs. Simon Carter – Dance With Me ‘Dance With The Devil’ EP


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Strong off the international positive and resounding appraisal of their “Breaking The Void” debut album and its numerous related single/EP releases, the futuristic duo consisting of UK’s Simon Carter and Australia’s STUDIO-X’s mastermind Lawrie Masson, strike back with an all new 10-track EP announcing the forthcoming album “Ad Astra Volantis”… 

Kicking in with the aptly titled upbeat dark elektro track “Dance With Me ‘Dance With The Devil’”, the dancefloor instantly gets filled with eerie sounds and thumping devilish beats. This song is also available in a more acid / synth overloaded alternate edit, as well as a more EBM-esque remix by 00TZ 00TZ. But the club party extravaganza does not stop there, since the duo added some 7 (!!) bonus songs to accompany the title track starting with the incredibly catchy “Can You See” (one of the highlights from this release!) and its oldskool analogue sounds and infectious beats; the gritty poppy “White Knight”; “Too Late” and its addictive haunting vocoder vocals (another potential club hit from this EP); the thumping techno-infused “Travelling (Dead of The Night)” which happens to be the fastest and hardest cut from this dark release; the bouncy and passionate upbeat “Away From Home”; the smoother and almost EDM spoken vocal track “Your Own Way” and last but not least, the modern trance vs. EDM “Changing Times” and its uplifting vocal guest appearance by A2B2…

STUDIO-X vs. SIMON CARTER carry us at full speed into an unknown faraway modern sonic universe populated with robots and cyborgs who all seem to have joined the darkside of the forces… Dance with them… Dance with the Devil!

This EP is only available as a download (see player below).


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