Studio-X vs. Simon Carter – Our Promise EP


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Our STUDIO-X vs. SIMON CARTER dancefloor hit-makers used the global lock-down situation as an opportunity to distill this amazing new 11-track EP!

First of all selecting the most played and acclaimed songs from their recent “Disconnected” album with a clear preference for the more melodic driven tunes and giving them a full frontal club dimension. The powerful and unmatched emotional heartbreak-hypnotizing pearl “Our Promise” was an obvious choice as main title song for this new EP release since it has become one of the biggest techno club hits of the band. This song also gets featured here in its original version with vocoder male vocals plus a gorgeous dream version.

This dancefloor EP also pretty much sets the focus on the album’s stunning female fronted songs, most of them revealing the mesmerising vocal talents of diva Bridgette Collins infused with huge techno elements and EDM stabs. A cutting-edge sonic journey mixing hard-hitting industrial-techno assaults with angelic female vox and more moody melodic technoid analogue synth cuts.

And icing on the cake, during their recent prolific studio sessions, both hard dance DJ’s Simon Carter (UK) and Lawrie Masson/STUDIO-X (Australia) did not just deliver remixes of tracks like “Our Promise”, “Choices”, “I’m Alive”, “Disconnected”, “The Only One” and “Stronger” (featuring Trix on vocals), they also inked 3 brand new tracks with the hard-hitting and catchy vocoded “You Will See”, but also “Solar Flare” with Bridgette behind the mic again for a fully addictive fast-paced hi-energy slammer while she reveals her darker side on the highly emotional and shimmering song “Lost At Sea” and its overall bombastic piano-based echoing arrangements crashing onto exploding break beats.

STUDIO-X vs. SIMON CARTER once again reinvented their own sound and songs to get you dancing “Until The End Of Time”… Enjoy at maximum volume!


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