Avarice In Audio – Crystal Tears EP


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On their second album “Apollo & Dionysus”, the Australian gang of AVARICE IN AUDIO showed us how much versatile and unpredictable they could be. Their incredible collaboration on “Crystal Tears” with the great dark synth pop band and label mates MONDTRÄUME is a perfect example of this. With impeccable synergy, the two bands have accomplished a flawless fusion of styles and created something greater than the sum of their parts.
Produced expertly with ASCENSION EX alongside new bandmate Lawrie/STUDIO-X, “Crystal Tears” is a beautiful emotional song mixed with both aggressive and melodic male vocals, alongside soaring female vocals set to an instrumental backdrop of IDM and Drum ‘N Bass leanings, “Crystal Tears” manage to both slow things down and increase the tension and tempo, blending things together like a work of art.
“Crystal Tears” received the remix treatment from a diverse range of artists, this time from more Downtempo/IDM bands and Witch House projects to reinforce AVARICE IN AUDIO’s versatility in skilled hands. Artists like Aarc (of DYM), Monomorte, Ocean Black Ocean and ѦPѺLLYѺN’S ▼ISѦGE display fine production and expert craft with their remixes, alongside Mondträume themselves giving it an entire rework, for their very own version of the song!
Accentuated finely with the Trip Hop/Experimental B-Side “Adam & Eve” showing off what AVARICE IN AUDIO can do during their downtime, this 7-track EP proves the band’s pure emotive prowess and focus on audio design.


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