Digital Factor – Relationchips (Remastered)


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With the resonant feedback received from the fans for the release of DIGITAL FACTOR’s comeback album “A Chemical Process”, Mike Langer decided to revisit the band’s impressive repertoire and rerelease with Alfa Matrix fully remastered versions of his back-catalogue thanks to the latest studio tools and technologies.

After the ‘Falling Down’ EP re-release, now comes the 1995 cult first full length album of DIGITAL FACTOR: “Relationchips”.

Back then, the DIGITAL FACTOR gang returned to the cult Elsterparkstudio in Leipzig (Germany), one of the hubs of the dark electro music scene in central Germany to record this album. Most demos of the album had already been written before and two songs (“Years Ago” and “Work”) were also already known from the first tape release “Suiciety”. With a song like “Mindbooster”, DIGITAL FACTOR also revealed their very first punkish sound attitude, injecting guitars into their electronic sound style; while tracks like the catchy vocoder tune “T.R.O.N.I.C.” or yet “Hope!” also showed the band’s more experimental and eclectic side. But from “Relationchips”, we all of course remember one of DIGITAL FACTOR’s bigger club hits with the merciless and hammering “Electro Shock” that is still today part of the band’s live playlist!

“Relationchips” was released in 1995 as a collaboration release between Hard Records and Hyperium/Hypnobeat. It is now made available for the very first time on all digital platforms and in a fully digitally revised remastered version.

Watch out for the other forthcoming remastered releases from the DIGITAL FACTOR industry!


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