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In October 2020, one of the most missed cult electro-EBM bands from the early nineties took everyone by surprise with the release of DIGITAL FACTOR’s “Come With Me” come-back EP and 2 associated stunning video clips. 

Today, Alfa Matrix proudly announce the release of “A Chemical Process”, the German band’s 9th studio album! The first CD, produced in Mike Langer’s upgraded studio, reveals an all-new musical-visual concept by DIGITAL FACTOR and an ear-challenging eclectic sound approach that merges intricate modern electro techno elements with addictive synth pop song arrangements and powerful Industrial / Electronic Body Music root foundations. It is also the first time that Mike Langer decided to create his new songs first on a guitar next to synthesizers, with the precious support of Austrian bassist and guitarist Georg Kostron, to give them a stronger live sound dynamic and overall arrangement. 

With the questioning of the impact of biochemical processes on our existence as guiding conceptual red line, DIGITAL FACTOR carry us through the dark sides of depression, isolation, addiction, seduction, or yet manipulation. But with songs like “The Fear Is In Your Head” or yet “Reason To Live” the band eventually pushes us to grab our lives in both hands and to decide what place we give to these fears, temptations and other manipulators, and whether we decide to follow the light or let darkness swallow us bit by bit… 

And that’s precisely that constant fusion of contrasting elements that forges the musical body of this new addictive album: grinding electric sounds get balanced with catchy melodic synth lines, kicking EBM beats clash onto fat groovy basslines, distorted noises and sampled dynamic guitars get turned into dark melodic arrangements while clear catchy choruses get intermingled with harder angry vocals. 

DIGITAL FACTOR strike back with a top notch production approach and seducing electronic music style that wets our appetite for more! Fans of progressive and eclectic synth music with an edge will welcome this new DIGITAL FACTOR album with open arms, especially if they favor the good old godfathers of the genre like CABARET VOLTAIRE, FRONT 242 or DEPECHE MODE. 

Music collectors will note that the limited CD digipak edition of this album holds 2 exclusive bonus tracks: the hypnotic dancefloor killer “Into My Eyes” and the club remix of “Come With Me” by The Saint Paul. 

Through their prolific career DIGITAL FACTOR did multiple European tours and shared the stage with acts in the likes of FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, X MARKS THE PEDWALK, PLACEBO EFFECT, CAT RAPES DOG, EVIL’S TOY, etc. Mike Langer is also known for writing music for movies, theatre, adverts, radio plays and producing other artists.

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