Digital Factor – Come With Me EP


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One of the most missed cult electro-EBM bands from the early nineties is back! It’s official: German DIGITAL FACTOR have announced their forthcoming 8th studio album on their new label Alfa Matrix.

While spending the last years writing music for movies, theatre, adverts, radio plays and producing other artists, original founding member Mike Langer has upgraded his home studio and reactivated the DIGITAL FACTOR machines!

In addition to the more than promising “Chemical Process” album, this “Come With Me” 10-track EP serves as perfect appetizer for all fans of synth pop and Electronic Body Music. DIGITAL FACTOR merge their hard EBM industrial roots with their unique talent to write catchy melodic electronic songs and offer to us this beautiful future pop anthem “Come With Me”. A song that gets presented in various versions showing the band’s many influences, going from an eighties synth pop mix to Heise’s house/dance version through an intricate 90’s mix, an old school EBM version by DAMASCUS KNIVES, an acoustic piano version, a trancey remake by MARGARET STREET or yet mind-blowing remixes by ARMAGEDDON DILDOS and AH CAMA SOTZ.

“Come With Me” is actually the first chapter of an overall musical-visual concept by DIGITAL FACTOR who also simultaneously issued the official video clip for this song, depicting how seductive products, ideas or chemicals can sometimes be by promising us that ultimate trip that we can’t resist…

Last but not least, with the second new song “I Am Dangerous”, DIGITAL FACTOR reveal their sonic diversity and plunge us in a more modern and eclectic electro universe intelligently merging FRONT 242-esque basslines, addictive female vocals, tortured powerful male vox, sampled dynamic guitars and dark synth sequences.

DIGITAL FACTOR strike back with a top notch production approach and seducing electronic music style that wets our appetite for more!


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