Digital Factor – Falling Down (Remastered) EP


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With the resonant feedback received from the fans for the release of DIGITAL FACTOR’s comeback album “A Chemical Process”, Mike Langer decided to revisit the band’s impressive repertoire and rerelease with Alfa Matrix fully remastered versions of his back-catalogue thanks to the latest studio tools and technologies.

We therefore start from the beginning with DIGITAL FACTOR’s official debut release: the ‘Falling Down’ EP that came out in 1994. This remastered 2021 version also features a brand new 2021 remix of the title song “Falling Down” made by Mike Langer himself…

Back in 1993, the German band had sold out their first “Suiciety” tape release and were working on the next one, when they got the chance to be tipped by Claus Larsen (LEAETHER STRIP) to the Danish label Hard Records who instantly signed them. At the same time, the band also took part in a competition run by the cult German label Hyperium/Hypnobeat and reached the second position that brought them to join that label later on. In April 1994, the “Falling Down” EP was an immediate chart success and placed DIGITAL FACTOR into dark elektro/hard EBM orbit.

Watch out for the other forthcoming remastered releases from the DIGITAL FACTOR industry!


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