Digital Factor – On Demand


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With the resonant feedback received from the fans for the release of DIGITAL FACTOR’s comeback album “A Chemical Process”, Mike Langer decided in 2021 to revisit the band’s impressive repertoire and rerelease with Alfa Matrix fully remastered versions of his back-catalogue thanks to the latest studio tools and technologies.

After the ‘Falling Down’ EP and “Relationchips” album re-releases, here comes the next chapter in DIGITAL FACTOR’s repertoire: “On Demand” in fully digitally revised remastered version.

Originally released in 1996 by Hyperium/Hypnobeat, the band’s second album is also the band’s first conceptual album focusing on the digital age with all its advantages and disadvantages. It’s with “On Demand” that DIGITAL FACTOR will make their breakthrough on the German dark EBM scene thanks to timeless hit songs (still played live nowadays) like “Go Ahead” and “X-Rayzor” for which a video clip was also shot during the European tour for “On Demand” (the Future Sound Of Electro Tour”) that DIGITAL FACTOR made together with EVILS TOY.

Watch out for the other forthcoming remastered releases from the DIGITAL FACTOR industry while new material also keeps being recorded and released!