Digital Factor – I Am What I Am (Free 1-Track Single)


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“As a musician, you always tend to say that the current album is THE special album. (laugh) But the current work with numerous musicians from my hometown, all embracing my musical style, is truly something special”, explains German artist Mike Langer (aka DIGITAL FACTOR) about the production of the new album “G.B.A. – General Behavior Abrogate,” which will be released in Autumn 2023 by Alfa Matrix.

DIGITAL FACTOR also decided to give a charity dimension to this collaborative album by giving all proceeds from this release to a foundation for disadvantaged children. This first single is therefore released as a FREE (pay as you wish) song. We count on you for your precious support.

What the listener can expect on the album can be inferred from the pre-release single “I Am What I Am”. For each song, DIGITAL FACTOR collaborated with a different guest artist. On the first single release, Mike Langer is joined by Gwendolyn Gaffa from the punk band MOROFFA. Here, intricate and powerful electronic music meets powerful vocals and an exceptional voice…

Enjoy without moderation until the next surprise pops up!