Aesthetische – Cold Is Clean EP


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The leaders of the techno industrial music movement in Brazil are ready to strike back again with an extended new EP release: “Cold Is Clean” on which AESTHETISCHE (ex-AGHAST VIEW cult EBM act) feature stunning collaborations with some well-known scene singers and activists.

The duo keeps the throttle in full pace mode presenting to us five new tracks, engineered to stomp club floors worldwide. In this new release the band relies yet again on the wonderful collaborations with singers Xev from DIFFUZION on an all-new rework of the classic track, “Touch the Cold Glass”, in a 2015 revamped version re-named as, “Cold Glass – 2015 rework”. But also with Mari Kattman, another AESTHETISCHE favorite partner and well known singer in the electronic scene, who imprints her beautiful voice on two versions of a completely new track – “Blue Print”, re-built by AESTHETISCHE in a club-oriented original version and as a more chilled-out oceanic mix, both fully loaded with the band’s trademark of blended electronics (powered with EBM and Trance elements). “Unity” is another instrumental piece delivering a 138 bpm assault on the boom – boxes, while combining hard beats and melodies.

The EP tops-off with a very well executed club-driven remix of the track “Dirt”, produced by the well-known Alfa Matrix label mate and renowned DJ Simon Carter. Get Cold and Clean once again with AESTHETISCHE…


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