Metroland – Re​-​design (Spacious Edition) EP


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After paying homage to Walter Gropius’ dream, written down in his 1919 Bauhaus Manifesto, METROLAND is about to close their triadic series. Their current praised album “Triadic Ballet” fully embraced modern technology and the utopian vision from the Bauhaus. Colours and shapes melted with main principles like ‘unity’, ‘hierarchy’ and ‘variety’, marking another milestone for METROLAND that finally showed their true identity.

Their industrial approach to 21st century music had always targeted creating things of beauty and they complete their musical trinity with this next single release.

‘Re-design’ as a third and final single release is again available in two different download EP’s, each holding three songs…

A regular edition with an exclusive 7inch remake of the epic ‘Design’ threesome on Triadic Ballet, a total make-over by Belgian musician Polynomiq and a second EP – the Spacious Edition – with remixes by, among others, Jean-Marc Lederman, better known for his work with The Weathermen and several other projects.

Both EP’s contain a (different) version of ‘Vers La Côte D’azur’, a brand new exclusive song that puts METROLAND back on the road to new adventures.


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