Aesthetische – We Follow Blindly EP


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Brazilian electronic duo AESTHETISCHE initiate their new dancefloor assault with this new very club-oriented 5-track EP “We Follow Blindly”. 

The title song features the unparalleled beautiful voice of Mari Kattman who seems to have become a “classic and all-time favourite” collaborator for the band… While the original version of “We Follow Blindly” clearly synthesizes AESTHETISCHE’s consolidated sound style offering a fresh blend of their powerful EBM roots with a full-fledged approach to melodies and trance structures, this hi-energy track is also featured in a “progressive mix” where the song flows into a huge progression full of new melodies, hard beats and pristine electronics. German synth pop /EBM fame NEUROTICFISH are the next special guests on this EP offering a stunning electro-trance reinterpretation of the song: a fantastic firework of upbeat carrying melodies and powerful bass lines with delicious hypnotising breakdowns and vocal treatments… 

The EP also gets augmented by a darker melancholic song called “Breathe”, featuring our next guest: Miss JUNKSISTA (Diana S.) who adds highly emotional suffocating vocals to the heavy synth frequencies of this pulsating upbeat post-apocalyptic club track. Last but not least, the instrumental piece “Eye On You” nicely rounds up this new EP release that is sure to please modern electronic fans and underground club DJ’s.


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