Aesthetische – Overflow EP


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The Brazilian duo AESTHETISCHE distilled 2020’s overflow of restrictive measures and hopeless lock-down moments and translate them into positive solid electro-EBM vibes…

Today they share with you their hi-energy creative outburst through the addictive powerful electro industrial “These Bright Sparks”, a darkish cyber cut evoking a melodic version of FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, but also through an exciting collaboration with British SORROW STORIES female singer Tina Forlorn reminding us how AESTHETISCHE excel in combining lush somber female vocals with upbeat icy electronics and a touch of exotic atmospheres.

Besides the two radically different and complementary versions of these two leading songs, AESTHETISCHE also added the stunning “Mad Denial”, a pounding instrumental whose driving basslines and solid beats will leave you breathless; but also the more introspective, reflective and almost dramatic mid-tempo “Secluded”…

Let the AESTHETISCHE classy and intricate electro EBM arrangements overflow your brain and soul…


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