Various Artists – 4.4U [2012.12] EP


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Before the X-mas festivities, ALFA MATRIX is closing the year 2012 with the 3rd edition in the “4.4U” mini-compilation concept series. The new December 2012 “4.4U” bundle gathers the following bands:

German master of darkness Dominik Van Reich starts the hostilities with this brand new amGod song “Assimilated” which announces a very poignant and intricate new album!

Coming next is our new Swedish Dark Elektro revelation CYNICAL EXISTENCE and the straight and explosive “I’m Broken” that is bound to become an instant club hit!

While the new GLIS “Phoenix” album is almost complete and will surprise more than one, Shaun Frandsen let his friend Elliott Berlin trash his last single “Apocalypse Parties” while they both were on tour with COMBICHRIST…

Cherry on the cake, the one and only ALIEN VAMPIRES come and test your body resistance in a blast with this high speed industrial injection entitled “Thy Mortal Human Side” – unreleased track so far!

“4.4U” offers a bundle selection of 4 Alfa Matrix artists each presenting 1 new song. A concept where the buyer decides which price he/she wants to pay for this 4-track compilation available in multiple sound quality formats. This way, the buyer clearly indicates how much he/she wants to support the artists who reveal new songs before the release of their next album.
Enjoy… and rendez-vous next year for our next “4.4U” encounter on Alfa Matrix’s official bandpage…

This EP is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).


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