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Since 2003, Nysrok Infernalien and Nightstalker have been delivering aggressive and powerful dark EBM music under the ALIEN VAMPIRES moniker, mixing harsh distorted vocals allying destructive sexuality and apocalyptic industrial dance.

To keep going on continuous disruptive sonic assaults from evil, ALIEN VAMPIRES strike back with the double-CD (21-track) album “Return Me To Hell”, an evocative masterpiece that takes listeners on a gripping and emotive journey through a dark and introspective musical landscape. With a perfect blend of haunting melodies, raw energy, and thought-provoking lyrics, this album offers a powerful and immersive experience that resonates within the depths of the human psyche. This new studio album is deeply introspective and evocative, exploring themes of loss, anguish, and proper damnation. It delves into the turbulent depths of despair, pain, and personal struggles, symbolizing a desire to confront and embrace one’s inner demons.

Through its aggressive sound and uncompromising attitude, ALIEN VAMPIRES remind us with songs like the intense “Destroyer”, the tormented “Destrudo”, the introspective and deviant “I Smell Your Fear” or yet the powerful “Hate 2 Delivery” that it takes destruction to pave the way for new beginnings and transformative change.

And although they enjoy exploring the unknown, ghostly encounters and other supernatural mysteries (the minimal electrowave “London Paranormal” and the hi-energy cut “Automatic Writing”) the duo also underlines that endings are always synonymous with despair but can also be opportunities for resilience, growth, transformation, and the embrace of new beginnings, giving all its significance to finding closure and damnation. (the new dark hellektro club hit “My End”, the agonizing and tortured “Pain”, the apocalyptic “World In Denial”…).

Besides a haunted darkish cover of SKINNY PUPPY’s unmatchable classic “Assimilate” in collaboration with ELECTHRONE and featuring Attila Csihar (MAYHEW) and Istvan Zilahy (PLASMA POOL), we will also notice that ALIEN VAMPIRES also invited the techno body act CHAINREACTOR for a jam session on “Hyperbolic Doubt” as well as legendary alternative model and cage dancer Dani Devine who adds some dirty sexy vocals on the superb “Witchy Bitchy”.

“Return To Hell” wants to represent the shout of despair which will lead back to the safe place where it finally restores all the connections with the hell frequencies.

As always with ALIEN VAMPIRES, this new album comes out as a lush deluxe double-CD digipak with extended booklet and with uncensored artwork design by talented Anna Troedsson and featuring hot sexy devilish BDSM models Frostslavee and Cindy Rocketheart.

Back to Hell my bittersweet Demons!

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