Synapsyche – Viva Insanity EP


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With this new extended ”Viva Insanity” EP, the Italian duo SYNAPSYCHE delivers the last chapter in their conceptual trilogy around madness and psychiatry after the “Mirror Terror” EP and their much acclaimed last album “In Praise Of Folly”. The perfect occasion for the band to reveal another great video clip shot this time in a sanitarium showcasing a locked-up psychiatric patient struggling with his delirium where deviant reality and hysteric imagination blur and intertwine in our human sick minds…

Besides the harsh dark-electro fugue of the title-track and 8 bonus remixes by artists as diverse as AIBOFORCEN, TECHNOID, CIRCUMPOLAR, ANTIBIOSIS, STATIK SEKT, SCHWARZSTERN, EXEMIA or yet T-ERROR MACHINEZ each bringing their own reinterpretation of various album songs from industrial dance to future pop through darker psychedelic elektro moments; this new EP also offers us some 3 exclusive bonus brand new tracks for the ultimate pleasure of their fanbase!

“Nod!” is a heavily fused track with a MARILYN MANSON-esque touch and some powerful gritty guitars, while “Time Destroys Everything” is another upbeat floor-killer track with epic melodic moments. And last but not least, SYNAPSYCHE enjoyed making a cover of 30 SECONDS TO MARS’ cult song “Attack” giving it a tortured EDM/synth pop twist.

Once more, Stefano “Mannequinetik” (machines) and Marco “Katatronik” Mantovani (vox) confirm here how much their sonic identity and aestheticism has been evolving and expanding the last times offering an impressive and addictive sound duality made of soothing melodic synths and massive heavy beats, between lush catchy pop choruses and harsher vocal outbursts. SYNAPSYCHE stands for a multi-faceted mixture of catchy electro pop with very strong vocals, harsh dark elektro assaults the whole topped with powerful industrial guitar riffs and a touch of goth-wave darkness. Definitely recommended to fans of GRENDEL, COMBICHRIST, AESTHETIC PERFECTION, ALIEN VAMPIRES and VNV NATION.

Viva insanity!


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