Synapsyche – Silvertongue EP


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Italian duo SYNAPSYCHE aka Stefano “Mannequinetik” (machines) and Marco “Katatronik” Mantovani (vox) reveal the first two songs from their much anticipated 4th studio album “Anti” that is announced for release later this year. Another conceptual album of course, retracing the arrival of the 21st century messiah, modern and synthetic, who would try to retrace the Christ’s steps but would in the end follow a completely different path… watch out!

Musically, SYNAPSYCHE present here two dark elektro songs which are quite opposite in style. “Silvertongue” is rhythmic, slow, lascivious and minimal and features Daniel Graves (AESTHETIC PERFECTION) as a guest vocalist. It is industrial-pop in the vein of the latest AESTHETIC PERFECTION stuff actually, with some very stunning screams and growls, and an amazing call-and-response duality between the two singers. “Silvertongue” is about believing in ourselves, and living our lives at the highest level, trying to find our own way to feel ourselves complete. In the gospel’s metaphor, this song is about the temptations of Christ by the devil, and this time our messiah will give in to the serpent tongue…

“Anti Manifesto”, on the other hand, is a fast, violent, hard-hitting industrial track, with heavy beats, a superb duality between harsh and clean vocals, electronic voices and an exploding chorus full of rage and fury. It’s a kind of satanic song, ’cause all precepts follow the thoughts of LaVey, Crowley, Aquino. Our new Jesus here gathers his disciples and found his own church, very different from the old Christianity!

SYNAPSYCHE once more confirms their multi-faceted sonic approach bringing them from dark-electro to synthpop, from industrial to EBM, from aggrotech to techno! No surprise they keep pleasing fans of bands like GRENDEL, early-COMBICHRIST, AESTHETIC PERFECTION and HOCICO.

The EP features a total of 10 songs including a large diversity of bonus remixes signed by friends of the artists and is also accompanied by the release of a highly professional video clip for the title-song “Silvertongue”.