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On the pressing demand of their ever-growing army of fans since the release of the highly successful “Praise Of Folly” album and its two related EP’s “Mirror Terror” and the most recent “Viva Insanity”, we are happy to announce the re-release of SYNAPSYCHE’s early work!

Originally released on December 19st 2014, “Crashdown Connected” is the very first self-released album from SYNAPSYCHE! It was already at that time that the Italian duo started developing strong conceptual albums with that time a focus on schizophrenia leading us through violence, murder, extreme sex, mind manipulation and self-destruction! Starting from this stunning opus, we also started perceiving Marco and Stefano taking time to refine their writing and production skills. The violent aggrotech style is still the core of SYNAPSYCHE’s trademark, but we enjoy more complex song arrangements, giving room to somber atmospheric moments reinforcing the harsh and powerful side of their dark elektro productions. The duo also starts widening their sonic spectrum by incorporating more diversity in their upbeat rhythm patterns, fusing technoish ingredients into their old school elektro industrial sound, sharpening their vicious synth melodies and incorporating more catchy vocal parts next to the characteristic distorted growls through catchier choruses and vocoder effects, their cover of HIM’s “Your Sweet 666” being the perfect example.

An album that will bring SYNAPSYCHE on the forefront of the dark elektro and future pop scene while acknowledging influences from HOCICO, ALIEN VAMPIRES, SUICIDE COMMANDO but also VNV NATION and ICON OF COIL.

The re-release of this album features the exclusive bonus “requiem version” of “Suicyber Girl” by First Black Pope.


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