Synapsyche – God In Vitro EP


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Italian duo SYNAPSYCHE released their second EP announcing their much anticipated 4th studio album “Anti” that is scheduled for release later this year.

“God In Vitro” describes the beginning of the album’s conceptual journey: the “birth” of the 21st century messiah, modern and synthetic, which would try to retrace Christ’s steps but in the end will follow a completely different path… watch out!

Musically, this new song gathers on its own all the features that made the sound of SYNAPSYCHE a trademark: powerful and cold rhythmic beats, futuristic dark-electro tapestries blended with harsh noises, amazing synth melodies and heavy beautiful leads. Everything is topped with the versatility of Marco’s voice that gives once again a strong character to the track, passing with great ease from gentle whispers to dark and piercing clean vocals to harsh and furious screams and growls.

Besides quite diversified remixes of the title song by bands in the likes of MISS SUICIDE, STATIK SEKT, DIARBLACK, ALEXIS CORVUS BLACK, BOLPAVOX and RERUMO, SYNAPSYCHE also added the previous minimal industrial pop hit single “Silvertongue” (in its original version without guest vocals by AESTHETIC PERFECTION) plus remixes by BLUE ANT and MARTIUS.

Another 10-tracker nicely illustrating SYNAPSYCHE’s unique and multi-facetted sound identity merging various styles together from dark-electro to synthpop, from industrial to EBM, from aggrotech to techno and appealing to fans of VNV NATION, COMBICHRIST, SOLAR FAKE and AESTHETIC PERFECTION.