Studio-X vs. Simon Carter – Sunrise EP


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Sometimes I wonder whether these studio freaks ever sleep?! UK DJ Simon Carter and his Australian partner in crime Lawrie Masson of STUDIO-X hit the dancefloor again with another extended 12-track EP offering us no less than 10 previously unreleased brand new tracks!
“Sunrise” is probably the most commercial sounding song from their “Ad Astra Volantis” album. Full of passion and melancholy, this song is catchy as hell, and its new extended and faster club edit makes it the perfect version to spin in a dark electronic music set. And the duo continues their dancey pop approach with “I Love You (So Deeply Completely)” and the gorgeous guest vocals of A2B2 whose voice perfectly fits this synth pop anthem’s fashionable chorus. Catchiness seems to be the red-line of this release with the vocaloid vocals of “On The Other Side”, a lush dancefloor track that loops in more than one way; or yet with the charming tingles and bells of the commercial vocoder track “The Sound Of Love”.
And it’s exactly when we start thinking that STUDIO-X vs. SIMON CARTER decided to go for a sunny dance pop release, especially with happy songs like the full on “hands in the air” à la Tomorrow Land “Summers Day” upbeat anthem, that they hit us straight in the face with more aggressive sounding tracks like the robotic dark dance cut “A New Dawn”, the grooving and party jumping new club hit “Matrix Of The Mind” and its BENNY BENASSI-style saws and bass-lines or yet the new dancefloor favorite “Move On” whose heavy drop and harsh basslines will resonate through the listener’s body! “Return To Eternity” is also another exceedingly furious upbeat cut mixing catchy dance and other vocaloid vocals, making it sound like what the cool kids wish EDM would sound like!
Last but not least, the duo also brings us on a “Moonlight Reverie” with a rather “oldskool” up-tempo drumstep track containing vocoder vocals, akin to MIND.IN.A.BOX; before perfectly finishing off this “Sunrise” EP with the epic and slower song “Children Of The Night” with its potent message to the world and the powers that be: “We are the children of the night, We strike at the heart of humanity’s spite”…
Another 12-track EP by STUDIO-X vs. SIMON CARTER which is another great example of how genres mean nothing to this controversially and diverse duo who enjoy challenging electronic music fans with their free-from-barriers and boundaries, upbeat, EDM-esque sounding music…  Whether you like psy-trance, techno-house, synth pop or EBM industrial, this band has something for you to dance to!


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