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The much awaited “The Twin Moons” album put SIVA SIX back in the spotlight, on dancefloors and on stage across Europe. With this new EP release, the show simply goes on and “Superstition” pushes the hell road saga one life further… As always: SIVA SIX offers music straight from the soul, where every shade of black finds its place amongst the doomed stories. 

From dark electro to industrial, from black metal and tech-house to ‘just a guitar and a voice”: that’s what “Superstition” is all about! Exclusive new songs and multiple new remixes from the current album, “Superstition” is another must-have super limited 15-track EP release with splendid magick design by Zila…

Who dares to face his own superstitions? What does it take to stand out? On this new EP, SIVA SIX breaks all scene superstitions and reveals their true nature: the core of what separates SIVA SIX from being another sad clone… “For those who patterned music and copy themselves again and again: there is no glory. Glory belongs to the brave… We have seen the signs… and YES: there will be superstitions!!!”.

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