Siva Six – Fight The Machine EP


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“Fight The Machine” is a cyber-industrial dance floor killer taken from SIVA SIX’s latest 5th studio album “DeathCult”. It stands for the band’s war cry against the Metaworld, corruption, injustice, inequality, profit over human life and the decadence of moral values we live in… “In a world of chaos, be a whore or join the Metawar…”!

Z (vocals) and U-Ri (keyboard) get surrounded on this EP by 7 bands (ΦΩΝόΠΤΙΚOΝ, EUPHROSYNE, INFECTED SOUND SYSTEM, XENTRIFUGE, HELL:SECTOR, ASYLUM PROMISES and TO AVOID) playing different music styles who deliver remixes that differ from the norm and give quite eclectic renditions of this harsh and powerful track.

Join & enjoy.