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Unigue, obscure, grotesque: “DeathCult” the long-awaited 5th album of SIVA SIX is there! 12 songs about the great mystery and the awful tragedy that Death is: the glory, the pain, the madness…

Death enslaved SIVA SIX for more than 2 years under its wings for the creation of “DeathCult”. With sonic commander Psychon (mix/mastering/production) by their side, they stared straight into the Beast’s eyes with humility and respect. They walked its path and learned its ways. They were marked with his seal and ultimately entered into communion with it.

The infamous entity of SIVA SIX spit their much anticipated 5th full length studio album into your face! From alfa, “Ghost Dance”, …to omega, “…December”, “DeathCult” is a true masterpiece.

Z (vocals) and U-Ri (keyboard) invite you to the ultimate danse macabre and deliver their most dramatic, darkish and poignant opus ever. From ghostly choirs and possessed harsh screams to hellish hammering rhythms, SIVA SIX serve us a lethal elixir distilling the artists various influences ranging from dark electro, industrial to EBM, through classical avantgarde and goth.

See them…feel them…and “Ghost Dance” with ‘ em…

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