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Following their split release ‘Virginis Memoriae / Lied der Freiheit’, SCHWARZBLUT and SAELDES SANC now return with a new offering. “Wildes Herz” (ENG: “Wild Heart”) is the fusion of two bands with similar roots and origins. Sharing a passion for turning ancient languages and romantic poetry into melancholic compositions of splendid grandeur. 

For the recording of “Wildes Herz”, SAELDES SANC members Hannah Wagner (vocals and piano, also in HELIUM VOLA together with DEINE LAKAIEN’s Ernst Horn) and Georg Börner (violin and nyckelharpa, now in SANGRE DE MUERDAGO) travelled from their hometown Leipzig, Germany to The Netherlands, to join SCHWARZBLUT in a 5-day studio session in their hometown Deventer. 

Being in the same recording room, sharing ideas and energy added immensely to the power of the performances and thus to the quality of the songs. The way how Hannah and Angelika’s voices blend, lifts the dark and thrilling sound of SCHWARZBLUT’s tracks ‘Palästinalied’ (a collaborative version of this true classic in the genre) and ‘Ich minne sinne’ to new heights. Whereas Zeon’s instrumentation on SAELDES SANC’s tracks ‘Lucy Gray’ and ‘Mit manger fröide und liebes vil’ shows how this collaboration brings forth new styles in percussion and atmospheric musical layering. 

With the use of hurdy-gurdy (a splendid job by Fieke van den Hurk), piano, nyckelharpa and violin “Wildes Herz” sounds organic and honest. Filled with strong characters, strong voices and wild hearts. Highly recommended for fans of HELIUM VOLA, ARCANA, DEAD CAN DANCE, QNTAL, SOPOR AETERNUS, GARMARNA, FAUN, etc.

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