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Schwarzblut (full name: Die goetheanistische Tonkunstgesellschaft Schwarzblut) is a Gesamstkunstwerk. A collective work of art, based on historic German poetry and carried by organic-electronic music. Schwarzblut’s work is outlined by a haunting visual context of imagery in their album artwork and during live shows. Each Schwarzblut release is a group effort, including the arts of composing, poetry, fashion, photography, video and design. Each Schwarzblut live show too is a performance featuring these ingredients. The group was founded in 2007 and signed with Alfa Matrix in 2009. Through Alfa Matrix the band released the EP ‘Sehlenwolf’ (2009), their debut album ‘Das Mausoleum’ (2010) and their sophomore full-length release’ Maschinenwesen’ (2012). Now the band returns to the scene with ‘Bis aufs Blut’. This 5-track EP is an appetiser for their forthcoming 3rd full length album ‘Gebeyn aller Verdammten’.

“In the sphere of thought, absurdity and perversity remain the masters of the world, and their dominion is suspended only for brief periods.” These words by Arthur Schopenhauer define Schwarzblut’s new EP ‘Bis aufs Blut’ (Eng: Until it bleeds). It is a manifestation of their passion for dramatic German poetry and their lust for haunting sounds. The EP gives a taste of what’s to come on Schwarzblut’s forthcoming album ‘Gebeyn aller Verdammten’, of which both the title track ‘Bis aufs Blut’ and the song ‘Zur Hölle’ are promising omens. Lyrically these songs give profound views on man’s eternal enticement to sin and wickedness. Dealing with the timelessness of ‘Gula’ and ‘Luxuria’, two of the ‘Peccatum mortiferum’ (Eng: cardinal sins). But be not mistaken, for this EP is serious dancefloor material! The percussive grooves and orchestral arrangements display an interesting and powerful evolution in the band’s sound and song writing.

The clubby remixes of ‘Zur Hölle’ by XMH and Psy’Aviah keep that energy flowing. Schwarzblut has been known for their energetic live shows since 2008. Hence ‘Bis aufs Blut’ also features a live session recording of ‘Das Mandat’. Catching the band in full live show line-up at their dirtiest. More drums, more bass, more Schwarzblut…until it bleeds!

This EP is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).


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