Psy’Aviah – Pretender EP


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With “Pretender”, Belgian artist PSY’AVIAH fakes to bring us a nice and happy new summer dance pop song, but instead brings us the exact opposite once we pay some attention to the lyrics evoking a much more serious message behind this shiny and joyful façade.

Confronting us with the impact of loneliness and senselessness in our postmodern society, Yves Schelpe pushes us to drop the mask and question the virtual artificial life we pretend to have on social medias… He invites us to put our smartphones at the right place, at the service of human connection, nothing more, nothing less. The video clip made for this song nicely depicts this: shot during the Corona lockdown period, PSY’AVIAH invited his fans to share “connection” moments that were integrated in the video concept…

Musically, “Pretender” is a carrying upbeat electronic pop song led by the stunning vocals of female singer Maysa who adds a little melancholic dimension to this vibrating hi-energy dance pop tune. The song also received the remix treatment by artists in the likes of DEVICE NOIZE, STUDIO-X, HUMANS CAN’T REBOOT and FUNDISC each adding various flavours to this catchy but confronting song ranging from upbeat hard dance to drum’n bass with some touches of jazz and synth pop.
Don’t be a pretender this time and share your emotions when singing and dancing along to PSY’AVIAH!


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