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This new “Future Past” EP builds on PSY’AVIAH’s previous album “Introspection/Extrospection”, and takes it one step further. They have tasted electro-pop, dubstep and electro-house… and then made it their own. Resulting in a blend of ambient-dubstep on “Circles”, ballad like electro-pop on “Letting Go”, pure EBM vs Electro-House with acid elements on “Look Beyond”, and some dubstep-electro influences VS ambient textures on “Paused” and “Our Common Future”. 

In true PSY’AVIAH tradition, this EP is again crowned by another prestigious collaboration: with miss Kyoko Baertsoen (former HOOVERPHONIC artist & co-founder of LUNASCAPE). Her unique voice & timbre perfectly fits the very emotional song “Our Common Future”. 

Besides these 5 beautiful new songs, PSY’AVIAH decided to hunt for fresh and interesting new sounds in the rich Soundcloud jungle and arranged remixes by these discovered talents: styles include dancefloor material in the form of electro-house by “Dizkodude”, “Amarta Project”, “Dimension Flux” and electro-house versus dubstep by “Rootkit” and “Atrox Bass”. There’s also more easy listening dub, and ambient-esque renditions by “Cyance”, “Triptone” and “Frenchfire”. 

Last but not least, they also added their own piano (or “Stripped” version) of “Circles” as a bonus – “it’s how 40% to 50% of our more song structured and lyrically evolved tracks start out, and we thought it was nice to portray how we went from this bare bones piano version to the version that it is now – a little peek in the process of how a song can change when you’re working on it…”. 

PSY’AVIAH again deliver an excellent EP revealing their ultimate talent and remind us through the lyrical themes of these new songs how we all keep struggling with past trauma: “… time and time again making the same mistakes… I guess it’s true when they say that people never change”.

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