Pouppée Fabrikk – Watch Your Sex / No Way Back (2-track single)


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It’s with the straight and clear statement “WGT 2017 = Rage 2017” that the Swedish giants of POUPPEE FABRIKK announced their exclusive live show at the 2017 edition of the legendary WGT in Leipzig – Germany (Wave Gothik Treffen). 

To promote this fantastic and hardhitting return to their roots, POUPPEE FABRIKK reveal today 2 of their most classic tracks in their new upgraded 2017 versions. An official single release of “Watch Your Sex” is like it should have been released back in the good old days with the radical and minimalistic “No Way Back” as the B-side. Nothing but a wet-dream for all fans of powerful old-school EBM. 

And like Henrik Björkk aptly told us himself when playing us these new versions: “…this might be the hardest floor-stomping-EBM things we have ever done”. Well… we totally agree! 

This is what “Rage” would have sounded like when using today’s technology! It’s gritty, dirty, and violent. It’s POUPPEE FABRIKK how we best love them: with uncompromising growling vocals, impulsive repetitive bass lines, and solid hard beats. 

The EBM old guard brings back the ways of old for a guaranteed live onslaught of grand proportions. 

Be there for the slam dance! Sweat, muscles and hate: EKM forever.


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