AD:keY – Shameless EP


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Cult EBM duo AD:KEY strikes back and hits us with surprise with a new 7-track EP! Announcing the imminent release of their 5th album on their new label Alfa Matrix, “Shameless” gives the tone of AD:KEY’s very own definition of what Electronic Body Music is anno 2017: hi-energy positive EBM assaults made of stomping beats, muscled bass lines, addictive melodic electro sequences and clear powerful (mostly German) vocals. And the vocal duality of Andrea’s shouting leads and Rene’s clear backing vox which made AD:KEY stand out as unique and original on the “old school EBM” scene, reaches an amazing symbiosis giving all its force and strength to “Shameless”. AD:KEY have definitely reached an all-new songwriting and production maturity level and the new songs like the locomotive pumping “Ich Reanimiere Dich”, “Mein Weg” or the EBM masterpiece “Shameless” will not deny it! 

No surprise that AD:KEY have often been compared with bands like NITZER EBB, FRONT 242, or even early ARMAGEDDON DILDOS: they are indeed a bit of all this and more! The bass is loud and powerful, the beats are hard and hitting, the vocals are strong and dominant and the vocal slogans are catchy and solid. 

AD:KEY play EBM, live EBM and celebrate EBM. Join them in their revendication motto: “We live here, we live now – we celebrate it! Shameless!”.


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