Noemi Aurora – Blood As Lipstick


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A few months ago, NOEMI AURORA revealed the first song from her solo project. The addictive upbeat pop-wave tune “Shining” has ever since been on heavy rotation on many radio shows and DJ sets across the globe triggering a massive anticipation movement amongst the fans for the release of her much awaited solo-album “Kintsugi” on Spleen+.

With her new “Blood As Lipstick” single, the Italian artist demonstrates once again her originality and artistic versatility making her stand out thanks to her matchless ability to convey deep emotions through her poignant intricate music and powerful haunting words. With musical influences ranging from KATE BUSH to DEAD CAN DANCE or even ZOLA JESUS, capturing the most ethereal atmospheres of the dark wave of the 80’s and the obsessive rhythms of a cinematic electronic industrial, NOEMI AURORA creates a unique magical sonic experience triggering the listener’s imagination guided by her beautiful, versatile and sensual voice across shimmering electronic soundscapes and wild percussions. Pulsating drums and bewitching flute combine to create an enchanting, immersive atmosphere, enveloping the listener in an intriguing and engaging sonic embrace.

“Blood As Lipstick” is a rebellious hymn to inner strength and resilience, a symbolic ode to female empowerment and the ability to find the courage to praise the lunar side of intuition that lies in the human being, even in the darkest moments when blood defiantly turns into lipstick.

Her majestic and bombastic cover song of THE CURE’s classic “Friday I’m In Love” confirms how eclectic the forthcoming album is bound to be and how NOEMI AURORA is able to let each note and vocals resonate with a haunting beauty through the intricate layers of electronic melodies, conveying raw vulnerability and emotional strength simultaneously; a testament to her exceptional talent and artistry.

The Italian singer-songwriter and music producer NOEMI AURORA is also known for her almost twenty-year career with the alluring duo HELALYN FLOWERS which gave her the way to establish herself in the Electro / Industrial but also in the Alternative Metal scene as one of the most versatile and distinctive voices in modern Goth.

Welcome to NOEMI AURORA‘s Multiverse of sounds and visions.