Noemi Aurora – Shining (Free 1-Track Single)


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Italian singer-songwriter and music producer NOEMI AURORA is already known for her almost twenty-year career with the alluring duo HELALYN FLOWERS which gave her the way to establish herself in the Electro / Industrial but also Alternative Metal scene as one of the most versatile and distinctive voices in modern Goth. Today, Spleen+ (division of Alfa Matrix) is proud to inaugurate her first solo single.

The electrifying “Shining” is the fruit of endless lockdown solitude moments during which she transformed the trauma of inner isolation into enlightening emotional outbursts. An addictive catchy minimal pop song with a cold wave darkish twist setting danceability and melancholy in perfect balance.

This is the first song announcing a very eclectic “Kintsugi” solo-album full of wild percussion, noir synth atmospheres, danceable electronics, and Noemi’s lush multi layered vocals; a new vibrating sonic entity born from the combination of a passionate ethereal abstractness with the electricity of neon alienism.

NOEMI AURORA describes her new work as “an ouroboros of musical influences that started from my listenings when I was a teenager, while I wandered around the country with my inseparable cassette walkman, without any fear of being judged as the ‘strange’ gothic girl, wearing my headphones and listening to my 80s/90s mixtapes which contained from the most underground darkwave bands, to rock/alternative, non-commercial electronica, up to even extreme metal. My project was born from there, from the roots, and branches out until today…”.

Hey you, shining disaster, welcome to NOEMI AURORA‘s Multiverse of sounds and visions.