The Ultimate Dreamers – Polarized EP


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Today Belgium’s Alfa Matrix label group inaugurates its new Spleen+ label division with the release of the “Polarized EP” by the Belgian quartet THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS.

With the intention of offering to us addictive enlightenment through minimal music + maximum style, and all be part of the resurgence of the cold wave, post punk + minimal synth musical movements, there could not be any better match than THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS gang who directly unite past, present and future.

Active in the mid-80’s and heavily influenced by the British post-punk dissonant style and the Belgian cold-wave melancholic atmosphere, the band resurrected during the COVID lock-down, releasing a selection of good old songs on the “Live Happily While Waiting For Death” CD and vinyl in 2021. A dynamic impulse that brought THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS not only back on stage but also into the studio!

The 5-track “Polarized EP” reveals 2 new songs from the forthcoming album “Echoing Reverie”. In their new line-up configuration, THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS reach a subtle balance between light and darkness: a poignant cold wave fusion of futuristic danceable dream pop with a retro noisy post-punk attitude. Produced by Len Lemeire (IMPLANT, 32CRASH, ANNE CLARK…) “Polarized” intelligently merges nostalgic cold wave chills with irresistible danceable beats to become that “less is more” addictive song that captures you in no time. “I Loved You!?” is a catchy uplifting remake of the band’s underground synthwave hit “I Love You?!” that is here also featured in its original 1987 demo version showing where the band comers from and giving perspective to a bright future full of darkness…

Each new song is also featured here as a remix by respectively Belgian noisy darkwave FAUST PROJECT and electro studio guru IMPLANT, and both also accompanied by very professional video clips directed by Thomas De Moor (“Polarized”) and Raphaël Haubourdin (“I Loved You?!”).

Anno 2022, THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS are Bertrand on guitar, Frédéric on vocals and Joël on bass with Sandrine, a classical musician, on keyboards and cello. The magic is back!