Lovelorn Dolls – Happy Valentine EP


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With its appealing somber theme, catchy chorus, incisive goth rock guitar melodies and dark and tortured electronic arrangements, “Happy Valentine” quickly became one of the top-favorite songs from LOVELORN DOLLS’ second album “Japanese Robot Invasion”… The female-fronted Brussels-based duo recorded an amazing ghost-piano version together with Maja Marcucci, an unplugged recording beautifully reinforcing the dramatic atmosphere of the song’s difficult theme of domestic violence, and abused & battered women in general. With the aim to stretch this song’s potential to the max and to plunge it into new and different universes, LOVELORN DOLLS also intelligently selected 4 very different artists they collaborated with to get 4 amazing remixed versions, starting with the band’s own producer Maxx of Italian fame HELALYN FLOWERS for a surprising 80’s-tainted almost Eurodance version, a modern and angry dancefloor mix by UK dark techno club guru DJ Simon Carter, a minimal and almost theatrical intimate retake by their Belgian neighbor Jean-Marc Lederman (THE WEATHERMEN, etc.) and last but not least the enchanting and hypnotizing ambient electro trance reinterpretation by the genius RESTRICTION 9…

And that’s not all folks!!! LOVELORN DOLLS continue to cherish their evergrowing fanbase and offer them on this EP 7 bonus live songs recorded during their stunning performance at the Eurorock festival in May 2015. Also a nice way to discover the emotional force that Ladyhell and her gang put in their dynamic shows to enter in full symbiosis with their audience while their heavy-loaded synthesizers bleed their infectious electronic melodies across the walls of melodic guitar riffs, the upbeat manic drums and the female singer’s highly expressive carrying voice… LOVELORN DOLLS rocks and shows us what the fusion of gothic metal and electro pop rock should sound like anno 2015! Do not miss them the next time they play your town!


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