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In 2018, Belgian vintage synth duo METROLAND released their 4th album “Men In A Frame” around “photography” as new artistic concept and prolonged the experience through several exclusive digital singles and an audiophile yellow double-LP vinyl release “Framed”.

For the occasion of the second “Pictures To Listen Too“ exposition at the Cultuur Centrum of Mechelen in Belgium (26th January 2019 until 24th March 2019), once again uniting image and sound, METROLAND serve their ever growing staunch fanbase with another original and unique collector item opening some more hidden doors to the secret conceptual world of METROLAND…

Strictly limited to 150 units worldwide, “The Key To Metroland” is a deluxe black yellow-printed key-shaped 16GB USB-key marketed in a beautiful metal tin box and its content is split into 3 categories:

  1. The 1st “audio” part is spread across 3 sub-folders with 3 exclusive 3-song EP’s (“3×3” – does it ring a bell to some fans!?) being “Een Dag In Mechelen” (exclusive new expo song with Dutch vocoders!), “Pictures To Listen Too” and “Shades Of Pale”; the “Framed” folder with a selection of some 20 remixes made by other artists and the band itself; and the stunning “Mixland” folder revealing amongst others mega-mixes exclusively arranged and carefully crafted and mixed by Passenger S himself, bringing us on some non-stop sonic journeys across METROLAND’s history for an ultimate 90 min+ flow of melodic electronic bleeps and beats that will please all fans of KRAFTWERKian tunes…
  2. The 2nd “picture” part adds the visual dimension to the whole concept with 6 screen-sized minimalistic METROLAND designs plus copies of the 14 floor stickers paving the “pictures to listen too” exhibition.
  3. Last but not least, the 3rd “video” part unites image and sound with an 82-minute-video documentary retracing the band’s extraordinary ascension from their “Mind The Gap” debut album until the “Framed” vinyl release, topped with 4 additional exclusive video clips shot for the occasion. Every video is made available in various formats, making them playable for every METROLAND sonic commuter across the globe.

All in all, another original top-quality product with the standard METROLAND seal of quality.

What you see is what you hear…

What you hear is what you see in your best electronic dreams.

On the next conceptual travel with METROLAND!



. “3×3” EP’s:

een dag in mechelen EP

101. een dag in mechelen (short conduct)

102. een dag in mechelen (long conduct)

103. een dag in mechelen (no conduct)

pictures to listen too EP

201. pictures to listen too (clipped)

202. pictures to listen to (increase mix)

203. pictures to listen too (unclipped)

shades of pale EP

301. shades of pale (re-framed)

302. shades of pale (decibel sintético)

303. shades of pale (re-framed anew)

. “Framed” remix collection:

01. creative rose (Passenger S perennial mix)

02. memorabilia (Der Dritte Raum rmx) 

03. proiezione (OT-Vorsprung-remix)

04. concrete witness (Analogue Audio Association remix 3)

05. shades of pale (re-framed by Metroland)

06. next choice (Kurt Baggaley’s destination mix)

07. man in a frame (Decibel Sintético) 

08. trust (never trust an Implant rmx)

09. speed of life (Elektroklänge 1-2-3 mix)

10. la macchia d’aqua (Him+He’s real sounds from a matrix edit)

11. memorabilia (Zusammenklang mix)

12. man in a frame (Frohm remix)

13. hope (Psy’aviah remix)

14. b-old (Aavikko remix)

15. concrete witness (Analogue Audio Association remix 1)

16. shades of pale (Die Robo Sapiens mix)

17. creative rose (perennial edit)

18. pictures to listen too (clip)

19. man in a frame (Decibel Sintético edit) 

20. memorabilia (hunted video) 

. Mixland 

1. Remixland (60min megamix)

2. Megaframed (30min megamix)

3. Radioland (spoken word version of the video documentary)


6 computer screen designs 

14 floorsticker design images



1. The Key To Metroland – video documentary – 82min

2. Man In A Frame (Decibel Sintético edit) – video clip

3. Memorabilia (hunted video version) – video clip

4. Pictures To Listen Too (clip) – video clip 

5. Shades Of Pale (re-framed) – video clip 

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