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In 2018, Metroland released their 4th conceptual album “Men in a frame”. On this album they further expanded their artistic horizon by (quite literally) throwing photography into the concept.

Apart from the main release, two non-album singles, “Man in a frame’”and “Memorabilia”, were accompanied by more obscure b-sides and remixes.

Add to this, the first exposition “Pictures to listen to”, where Metroland realised the concept of how “Men in a frame” should be experienced to the full.

This unique happening allowed people to actually listen to the pictures, after which they were given the opportunity to obtain the likewise called compilation containing all the tracks used in the exhibition plus an exclusive title track..

Metroland’s aim is, at all times, to immerse their listeners in the symbiotic combination of electronics and deliberate, yet minimal design.

Metroland presented a selection of kindred spirit musicians and bands with the challenge of this time putting the band in the frame, ending up in this unique remix album.

As an extension to the austere art that Metroland holds so dear, each track on this luscious 12 track download is the remixers’ contribution to really put the finishing touch on all of these Metroland memorabilia.


“Framed Anew“ (cd + download) accompanied by “Framed“ (double yellow vinyl) will be available from the second “Pictures To Listen Too“ exposition onwards from the vernissage on 26th January, 2019 until 24th March, 2019 at Cultuur Centrum Mechelen – Belgium.


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