Leaether Strip – Faetish 2CD


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This new mini-album offers much more of the band’s good old recipe for success of harsh distorted vocals, ripping bass lines and upbeat sequences. A storm of elektro assaults from the unexpected upgraded 2006 version of Claus Larsen’s stellar hit “Adrenalin Rush” to the frantic attack of “Manic Aggression” through “Punktured Eyeballs” which is most probably Claus Larsen’s most terrific anger burst he has ever released.

Next to more disturbing moments with “Watch It Burn” and “The Kitchen Knife”, Leaether Strip also planned a little more melodic break with the engaged symphonic tune “We Will Walk With Pride”, a cover version of Marc Almond’s “Tears Run Rings” and yet a surprising homage song to Fad Gadget and co with “Frank Tovey Taught Me Things”.

LEAETHER STRIP – Faetish ltd 2CD boxThe limited carton box edition (only 2000 copies worldwide!!) includes the “Haelloween” 5-track ep holding a cover version of John Carpenter’s freaking tune for “Halloween” with additional harsh distorted vocals by Claus Larsen perfectly fitting the cult movie theme… + some special fetish goodies (condom, button, podstcards) and a booklet full of LEAETHER STRIP fans fetish moments recommended to all the voyeurs amongst us !

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