Junksista – I Will Crush You & Go To Hell (Soundtrack) EP


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With the utter exaltation generated by the premiere of the movie in Paris a few weeks ago, we could not resist to the pressing demand of the French underground scene and the JUNKSISTA fanbase to turn “I Will Crush You & Go To hell” also into an obvious 6-track EP! 

“I Will Crush You & Go To Hell” is first of all the new film by Fabio Soares and Célia Paysan. A quite unconventional road movie, a rather feminine and psychedelic film, telling the journey of two sisters running away from their past to give their lives a new meaning. A quest for deliverance and freedom that will bring hell to all those who will cross their path… 

Vivid, violent and poetic, the plot of this new movie of course caught Boog and Diana’s attention who rapidly accepted taking this new creative challenge. The German duo rolled up their sleeves and let the instruments flow… Definitely daring leaving the beaten path of the characteristic dancey / funky style of JUNKSISTA and creating ethereal pop songs giving a sensational hypnotic feel to the movie. They managed creating a highly emotional vibe enhancing the pictures, making you feel you are right there with the Fox sisters. The goosebumps-worthy “Let Go“ is the title track of the movie and it does just that. The second contribution is the song “Piece Of Me“ that perfectly sets the mood for a sexy pool scene… 

But as always with the JUNKSISTA gang: that’s not all!! To spice things up a little Diana and Boog created dancefloor-compatible versions of both tracks. Now you may not only get hypnotized by those songs – you may also shake your booty to them! Grab this stunning sensual 6-track EP and get ready for all kinds of feelings you didn’t know you could have ever experienced! And from now on remember one thing: JUNKSISTA will always surprise you where you least expect them to! 

Bravo to all involved talented artists and actors for this amazing team work for a successful creative cocktail of images, music, words, play and emotions… This is what art is all about.


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