Junksista – Live a little (more) EP


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Originally released as a single in September 2014, “Live A Little” was probably the funkiest song ever written by the German duo JUNKSISTA. A smooth, hypnotising and polarizing track which was also above all the fruit of a very special collaboration of the band with renowned singer, actress and 80’s icon star Jane Badler (remember the sexually charged villain Diana of cult classic television program ‘V’?). 

As unexpected as this unique collaboration was, JUNKSISTA decided out of the blue to dig the piece up again, throw it into the shredder and put the pieces back together to create something new, sexy and exciting! And that’s not all – we get a little more: several artists joined this project and delivered their very own interpretation of “Live A Little”. The outcome is more than surprising! Who would have thought that something as funky as the original track would also work as an EBM, a synth wave or electro pop song without losing anything from its ultra-sexy diva-vibe… 

Let us all “Live A Little More” and do the crazy dance to this sexy tune!

And here’s the brand new video for the title track:


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