ImJudas – Stjudas EP


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Building upon the melodic dimension showcased in his previous single (“I Love You”), Maxx Maryan (male half of cult Italian duo HELALYN FLOWERS) takes it even further with “Stjudas”, pushing boundaries and exploring new musical territories. Prepare to be captivated by a poignant new wave ballad that delves into the depths of emotion and introspection!

“StJudas” indeed unfolds as a touching piano-driven composition, where melancholy and profound questions intertwine. The stripped-down and raw structure of the song allows the heartfelt chords of the piano to shine, creating an intimate atmosphere that resonates with the listener’s soul. And supported by filtered drum grooves, the vocals of Maxx Maryan take center stage, commanding attention with their powerful and emotive delivery.

The combination of Maxx’s voice and the musical arrangement evokes a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of the sweet bitterness found in 80s ballads like “The Power Of Love” and the melodic morbidity of DEPECHE MODE’s “Black Celebration”, or even early TALK TALK’s new romantic hits. And IMJUDAS’ authentic and darkish cover version of THE CURE’s mega hit “Boys Don’t Cry” comes and wraps it up in pure beauty and shimmering simplicity.

This EP confirms that the forthcoming new album of IMJUDAS “Viscerheart” will offer us stunning melancholic 80s Pop-Wave Post-Punk electric moments that will please fans of DEPECHE MODE, GARY NUMAN and other WIRE…